How do I Change My D-Link WI-FI Router Name and Password?

How do I Change My D-Link WI-FI Router Name and Password? 

These days, online security is very good. Changing the name and password for your D-Link WiFi router is a smart way to keep your network safe. This guide makes it easier to change the settings on your D-Link router so that everyone can use it. You can protect yourself from possible threats by giving your computer a unique name and making your password stronger. It’s never been easier to find your way around customizing your WiFi router. This easy-to-follow guide to changing D-Link router settings will give you the power to make your home network safer and more unique. Take easy steps that work to make your online experience better and make your relationship safer and more personal. This Geek Squad Assists article teaches you how to change your wireless password on your D-Link wireless router. 

Step by Step guide for D-Link WI-FI Router Name and Password

Give yourself the power to easily customize your network. This step-by-step guide makes it easier to change the name and password for your D-Link WiFi router, giving you a more private and safe online space. 

Step 1- Signing Into your Router

Step 2- Open a web browser on a connected device 

You can use a web browser on a computer that is linked to your network to get to the setup page for your router. If you don’t know the Wi-Fi password, you can connect your computer directly to the router with an Ethernet cable. This way, you won’t have to enter the Wi-Fi password. 

Apple gateway numbers are,,, and Type this address into the address bar of your computer. If this doesn’t work, hold down the Reset button on your router for about 30 seconds to return it to its original settings. In that case, you can find your router’s usual address and type it into your browser. 

Step 3- Enter your router’s username and password details. 

You need a username and password to get into the screen of every router. “admin” is often the default username, and “admin” or “password” is often the default password. For sure, this is different for each model, so you should look up your model online to find out exactly how to log in. A lot of D-Link routers come with the username admin and the password admin or blank

The last person who owned the router may not have reset it, so you’ll need to press and hold the Reset button on the router for about 30 seconds if you changed the login in the past and have forgotten it. This will return everything to its original state, letting you join in with the original login and password. Be careful, because this will delete the router’s current setup info.

Step 4- Open the Wireless section: 

After logging into your router, you need to find the page that lets you set up wireless LAN. Different brands have different names for this, but in general, you want to find a “Wireless” or “Wireless Settings/Setup” tab or button. 

Step 5- Change the password 

Look for the box that says, “Shared Key,” “Password,” or “Passphrase.” Click this box to enter your new password. For some routers, you may be asked to type the password again to make sure you did it right. 

Try coming up with a strong password that is hard, if not impossible, to figure out. It shouldn’t be personal and should have a lot of numbers, capital letters, small letters, and special characters like “!”, “$,” and “#.” For the most part, a strong password has at least 8 letters. 


Step 6- Set your security type 

WI-FI security comes in three main types: WEP, WPA, and WPA2. WPA2 is the best way to make sure your network is safe. Some older devices might not be able to join, so you might need to switch to WPA or WPA/WPA2. It is NOT a good idea to choose WEP because it is very easy to break. 

Step 7- Save your setting 

After making the changes to your password, click the “Apply” or “Save” button. After the change is made, any devices that are linked will be removed by the router. Once you’ve changed the settings, you can use your new password to join your wi-fi network. 

How to Change D-Link WiFi Router Name

Is the name that came with your D-Link WiFi router still being used? It’s time to add your own style to your network. To make your network your own, change the name of your D-Link WiFi router by following these easy steps. 

  1.  Access Router Settings: Open a web browser, enter your router’s IP address (usually, and hit Enter. 
  2.  Login: Enter your router’s login credentials (default is often “admin” for both username and password).
  3.  Locate Wireless Settings: Navigate to the “Wireless” or “WiFi” section in your router settings.
  4.  Update Network Name (SSID): Change the default network name to something personal and easily identifiable.
  5.  Save Changes: After modifying the name, save your changes, and you’re done!

Changing the name of your D-Link router gives your network a personal touch and makes it yours alone. By doing these things, you can make your online experience more unique and tailored to you. 

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Get Expert Assistance for D-Link Router Configuration Changing Name and Password

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How Geek Squad Assists Can Help You

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