How Do I Setup my Orbi Wi-Fi

How Do I Setup my Orbi Wi-Fi ? 

Setting up your Orbi WiFi makes connecting from anywhere in your home or office much easier, thereby transforming your internet use. Designed to be user-friendly, Orbi WiFi devices let even nontechnical users quickly set them up and enjoy a secure, fast network. Starting with the Orbi app, the Orbi WiFi configuration procedure proceeds via the Orbi router and ends with the satellite. These guidelines will help you to connect your devices and have your network running as it should. 

Either a new Orbi WiFi installation or an update to an older system may be accomplished with the help of this tutorial. It will walk you through the steps and help you get strong, steady WiFi service quickly.  

With our step-by-step guide, you can set up Orbi Wi-Fi in a very easy way that is convenient and effective. 

What is Orbi WiFi?

ORBI wifi

Whether you’re at home or in the office, you can always have reliable, high-speed internet access with Netgear’s innovative Orbi WiFi wireless networking technology. Orbi WiFi systems include a main router and one or more satellite devices to create a robust mesh network, in contrast to regular routers that could fail to provide dependable WiFi signals to all parts of your house.  

This strategy guarantees that your whole house or workplace is covered with strong, continuous WiFi signals, avoiding dead zones and increasing overall network performance. 

Key Features of Using Orbi WiFi

  • Mesh Networking: To provide constant WiFi coverage, Orbi WiFi makes use of a mesh networking topology in which a main router and satellites collaborate. With this configuration, no matter how big or complicated your room is, every corner will get a strong signal.  
  • Tri-Band Technology: Orbi WiFi systems use tri-band technology, which allows for two-way communication between the router and satellites via a separate third band. Even with several devices connected and streaming high-bandwidth content, this function helps keep your principal WiFi bands at optimum performance.  
  • Convenient Management and Setup: The Orbi app makes it easy to set up Orbi WiFi. From connecting your devices to maximizing your network settings, the app walks you through the whole setup process. The software also has features that might help you manage your network, such the ability to set limits for children, let guests on, and check how well your system is running.  
  • Advanced Security Features – Protect your network and devices with Orbi WiFi’s advanced security features. Compatibility with Netgear Armor, a sophisticated cybersecurity solution, and automated firmware upgrades are among these advantages. Guests may also access the network.  

What Are the Prerequisites for Orbi Setup?

Establishing a reliable and consistent WiFi network in your home or company can help the Orbi WiFi system to significantly enhance your online experience. Before beginning the Orbi wifi setup process, make sure you have all the necessary components and fulfill all the criteria.  All the information you need for an easy Orbi setup is right here.  

1- Orbi Hardware Components  

Orbi Router  

The primary device that connects to your modem and distributes the internet signal throughout your space.  

Orbi Satellites  

By extending the WiFi coverage, these devices guarantee a robust signal in every nook and corner of your house or workplace. Your area’s size will determine whether one or more satellites are needed.  

2- Internet Service  

Active Internet Connection  

Ensure you have an active internet connection from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The Orbi system will rely on this connection to provide WiFi coverage.  


You need a modem to become connected to your ISP. To spread the internet signal, the Orbi router will be coupled to this modem.  

3- Power Supply  

Make sure the places you want to install your Orbi router and satellites have easily available power outlets. Every unit will need a power source.  

4- Ethernet Cables  

An Ethernet cable is required to connect the Orbi router to your modem. This cable is usually included with your Orbi system.  

5- Orbi App  

Get the Orbi app either from Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS devices). The software will walk you through the configuring procedure.  

6- Account Information  

You must need your ISP account information, such as your username and password, during the setup process.  

7- Network Name and Password  

Prepare a unique network name (SSID) and a strong password for your WiFi network. This information will be used during the setup to secure your network.  

Steps for Netgear Orbi wifi setup

Step 1- Download the Orbi app from and launch it. 

  • The initial app launch offers NETGEAR account signup. A NETGEAR account lets you register devices, join the Community, get email help, and buy items.  

Step 2- After you log in, tap GET STARTED!  

Step 3- Tap enable camera and scan, scan the QR code on your Orbi router’s sleeve or base, and tap CONTINUE.  

Step 4- Select your product and the number of Orbi satellites in your system, then tap continue. 

Step 5- Restart your modem:  

  • Locate your modem and tap CONTINUE.  
  • Unplug your modem and tap CONTINUE.  
  • Plug your modem back in and wait for its lights to stabilize, then tap CONTINUE.  

Step 6– Connect your Orbi WiFi System  

  • Use the Ethernet cord that came with your router to connect the yellow Internet port to the Ethernet port on your modem.  
  • Using the power adapter that came with your Orbi router, plug it into a wall port.  
  • Do not use your Orbi router until it starts up.  
  • The ring LED on your Orbi router blinks white when it first turns on and then stays white. It might take five minutes to do this.  
  • Use the power adapters that came with your Orbi satellites to plug them into outlets in the same room as your Orbi router.  

Step 7- To continue, go back to the Orbi app and tap ENTER.  

Step 8- Connect to your Orbi router’s default WiFi  

  • Get on your phone and go to the WiFi settings.  
  • Find the usual WiFi SSID for your Orbi on the label that came with your router and connect to it.  
  • Once your phone is connected to the usual WiFi SSID on your Orbi router, go back to the Orbi app and tap “CONTINUE.”  

Step 9- Tap CONTINUE.  

  •   The Personalize Your Settings page appears.  

Step 10- Tap NEXT.  

  • It shows the Create WiFi network page.  

Step 11- Select your Orbi WiFi network name (SSID) and password, then hit NEXT. You may use these credentials to connect devices to your Orbi WiFi network. The Setup Admin Login page appears.  

Step 12-Select your Orbi router’s admin password, then hit NEXT.  

  • You use these credentials to access the Orbi router’s settings.  
  • We suggest using a password that differs from your Orbi WiFi password.  

Step 13Tap Next and the set-up Security Questions page displays.  

Step 14- Select and answer two security questions from the drop-down choices, then hit NEXT.  

  • You may use these questions to retrieve your Orbi router admin credentials if you forget them.  

Step 15- Choose and answer two security questions from the drop-down menu, then click NEXT. 

  • If you have forgotten your Orbi router admin credentials, you may use these questions to regain them.   

Step 16- Tap CONTINUE.  

  • Your Orbi router checks to ensure that your firmware is up to current.  

Step 17- This might take up to five minutes.  

Step 18- If a new firmware is discovered, hit UPDATE to install it.  

  •  Tap NEXT. 

By following these steps, you can improve your Orbi wifi system.  

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To set up your Orbi WiFi, all you need is the correct instructions and the correct equipment. Achieve a smooth Orbi WiFi setup by following the instructions provided in this article. This will ensure that your house or workplace has powerful and dependable internet coverage. However, if you encounter any difficulties or prefer professional assistance, Geek Squad Assists provides comprehensive Orbi WiFi setup services. Their experts can handle everything from installation to optimization, ensuring your network performs at its best. Trust Geek Squad Assists for a hassle-free Orbi wifi setup and enjoy the benefits of a well-configured Orbi WiFi system. For more information or to schedule a service, contact Geek Squad Assists today. 

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