How To Update Belkin Router Firmware2

How To Update Belkin Router Firmware?

You would update the firmware on your Belkin router by referring to the model and version number on the device’s underside. You must download the firmware as soon as you know the model and version number. You may get the firmware update from Belkin’s support website. To make sure there are no obstacles, it is preferable to clean the browser cache before downloading the firmware. 

Belkin routers are the best on the market. It helps consumers simplify their internet connections, regardless of which internet service provider they use. However, many customers fail to properly install firmware, resulting in internet issues. So, if you want to know how to update Belkin router firmware, we’ve prepared a complete tutorial for you!

Following Steps are Required to Update Your Belkin Router’s Firmware Manually

Check your router’s model and version number.  

The version and model numbers of your router may be readily identified by looking at a label on the bottom of your router.  

Download the Most Recent Firmware: You must download the most recent firmware file from the Belkin support website. Follow the on-screen directions to download the most recent firmware. If you are having trouble downloading the newest firmware, try using another browser and clearing your browser’s cache.  

Tips: The Belkin router contains save setting. For restore previous configuration functions, which allow you to back up your router’s current settings and recover them. 

Performing updates: The belkin router firmware update procedure may be completed using the router’s web interface. First, activate your browser by typing the web address in the address box and pressing enter. 

Note that your Belkin router’s default IP address is 

  1. To begin, click the login button in the top right corner of the page. 
  2. The following screen requires you to enter your password, if you have one. If you’ve set up a password, leave it blank and click submit.
  3. Once logged into the Belkin router’s online interface, select the utilities area from the left navigation panel. 
  4. In the utilities area, hit the firmware update link.
  5. Now, select Browse to locate the new firmware file you downloaded and save it to your computer. 
  6. After choosing the relevant firmware file, click the Update button.
  7. In the following step, you will be requested to proceed with the update; select OK.
  8. Then a prompt message will appear, warning you not to switch off or reboot your router at the completion of the upgrade. Then click OK.
  9. Now you will notice the firmware update status as ongoing or progressing. It must be ensured that the computer is not turned off. That you are not permitted to reset your router during the update process.
  10. Once the update procedure is complete, a warning notice will appear, advising you to wait a few seconds before implementing the changes.
  11. Once you have completed all the steps, click OK, and your router will begin the reboot procedure.

If you encounter a problem during a firmware update, power cycle your Belkin wireless router and restart your computer before running the firmware update again.  

If this technique does not work for you, repeat it on a separate computer to further isolate the problem. If the problem persists after implementing the remedies listed above, you should reset your router to factory defaults and attempt to run the update again.  

You should now have successfully updated the firmware for the Belkin router. If you lose your internet connection during the upgrade, you must restore the previously configured network settings. 

With a few minor adjustments, we have provided the same methods for individuals who own an older Belkin router. Would You Please Look? 

Updating Old Belkin Wireless Router Firmware

Make sure your Belkin router is powered on and, if possible, connected to your computer via an Ethernet cable before we begin updating.  

If not, confirm that your computer is using a wireless connection to connect to the Belkin router. 

  1. To enter, please open your browser, clear the URL box, and then press enter. 
  2. When prompted for a password when you click “Login,” just leave it blank and press “Submit.” 
  3. The Utility Option is now shown on the left. Kindly give it a click.


Updating Old Belkin Wireless Router firmware
  1. Your router’s model number and firmware number are displayed here and will be written on the back. 
  2. You may download the firmware setup and check for updates. 
  3. Ensure that it is saved to your desktop computer. 
  4. Click on the browser now, enter the path for your firmware setup, and choose Update. 
  5. After it’s finished, please restart your computer and router. This may take some time.

Please contact us if you experience any issues with the Belkin router. By reading our articles or getting in touch with the Belkin router customer support staff, you can resolve any internet-related problems with the Belkin router. 


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