How to setup a wireless router using smartphone

Tips to Setup a Wireless Router Using Smartphone? 

Set up a wireless router to create a strong and secure house network that connects all your devices to the internet. Get the most speed, security, and power over your internet by wireless router setup. You need this set up to work, watch, or play games online without any problems.

Some big benefits come from using a smartphone to set up a wifi router. You can set up your router without a computer, which is convenient and gives you many options. And because smartphones have easy-to-use apps and menus, even newbies can do it. When you set up your network on your phone, you can make quick changes and fix problems, so you can easily handle and improve your connection from anywhere in your home. 

How to Set Up a Wireless Router Using a Smartphone

A quick and easy way to set up a solid home network is to use a smartphone to connect to a wifi router. This method takes advantage of how easy it is to use current smartphones to make setting up a wifi router easy and available. You can control and improve your network right from your phone, so all of your devices can connect to the internet without any problems. Wifi router setup with a phone gives you the most freedom and control, making sure you have a smooth and easy experience whether you’re improving security, changing settings, or fixing problems:  

1- Unbox and Connect 

  • Plug in your router and connect it to your modem using an Ethernet cable.  
  • Inspect whether the router is on or off. 

2- Download the Router App 

  • Search for the router’s official app on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).  
  • Download and install the app on your smartphone.  

3- Connect to the Router’s Network 

      Open Wi-Fi Settings Phone: 

  • For iOS, go to Settings and then Wi-Fi. 
  • Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi on an Android phone. 
Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi on an Android phone

Find the Router’s Network: 

  • Look for the default network name (SSID) which is usually mentioned on the router or its box. 

     Connect to the Network: 

  • You can find the default password on the router or in its instructions. Choose the network and enter it. 

4- Launch the Router App 

  • Open the router’s app on your smartphone.  
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to begin the setup process.  

5- Configure Network Settings 

  • Enter the default WiFi password and look for the router’s name (SSID). 
  • Customize other settings as needed, such as security options and guest networks.  
  • Open a Browser and type in the default IP address.  

6- Complete the Setup 

  • Review your settings and confirm the setup.  
  • The admin login page should come up; type in the Default Username and Password.  
  • The router will finalize the configuration and may restart.  

7- Reconnect Devices 

  • You can connect your devices to the new Wi-Fi network by using the SSID and password that you configured.

Tips for Setting up a Wireless Router with an Android or IOS Smartphone

1-Check Router Default Mode  

If the options are not set to default, plug in the router and check again. If they are not, restart the router to default mode. To restart a router, you can do a few different things. Most of them have a button to hold down for three to five seconds to clear all the settings.  

2- Router Ip Address  

Most of the time, people look for the Default IP Address online.  

It’s also possible to guess since most computers have the same IP address set.  

3- Most Common Router Internal IP Addresses  

You can still do it even if you can’t connect to the internet. You’ll just have to guess.  

The IP address for an internal home network will always begin with “192.168.” It is a Class C network. There are only two numbers that change in the address “”  



Setting up a wireless router without a computer will be difficult. It can be easy and quick with a smartphone. By following the simple steps given, you can quickly set up the wireless router and make sure your home network is strong and safe. Using the official app for the router makes the process easier because it has clear directions and settings that can be changed. If you face any problems with your wifi router, you can easily reach Geek Squad Assists for wireless router support. If you set up your router in this modern way, you can enjoy smooth communication and the benefits of a well-configured network, all from the palm of your hand.  

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